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Knowledge from the clubscene is more than important nowadays. We started to get involved in this scene in an intensive way in the year 2003. That’s when we both decided to use one of our first digital camera’s for taking pictures of all the party-peeps in the clubs and on the dancefloor. We put them online and the result was amazing. Everybody was curious to see their pictures with friends on the internet. A new party-portal, called Link2party, was born. In the last 8 years we have been visiting clubs with our camera’s for 50 weekends in a year. With a general amount of 3 clubs/parties in one weekend by each of us. The result of this is an amazing knowledge of what parties are all about. Next to this Ibiza is one of our big loves and also Miami has a special place in our hearts. And as we have been the ‘Eyes of the dancescene’ for 8 years now, we felt it was time to suprise everybody, from now on, with something for their ears! ;-)

Carrying a bag with such a lot of worthy party-information made us decide to bring our bodies behind the wheels and find out if we could translate our amazing 8 year club experience into a sound that makes the crowd rock! The result is amazing so far! Clubs, organisations as well as colleague artists are rather positive about our unique initiative! Brothers in the Booth have been doing more than 80 gigs during the last 12 months and are looking for much more in the near future. During the last 3 months they have been spending hours in the studio and the first productions are a fact! Together with the guys from 'Helguera & Dominicus' they are making steps like 'Gulliver' during his 'Travels' and with big support from international and national artists the next step seems not far away. So, keep on satisfying yourselves and your needs for good music by listening to our sets that are filled with the best international bangers and pumping techhouse tracks. Are you ready for more ‘Brothers in the Booth’? Because we so f*cking are!! See you soon dancing in front of one of our booths! Whoop Whoop!

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