It feels like that time of the year where everybody is longing for the summer and high temperatures. That time when beaches are full of nice bodies and suncream is dripping all over the hottest spots. But unfortunately it's snowing and we are getting in the middle of a, probably, hard winter. December has started with the lowest temperatures in years, but we still feel the heat burning. Especially last week when we had the oppurtunity to do it for the third time in a row during KISS @ The Sand. Can it be more summer? The Sexy and Sophisticated concept requested us to start the night and off-course we felt pleased again. One hour of nice warm vocals combined with funky techhouse made our 'follower' Lucien Foort smile from ear to ear and with his compliment ('It's been a long time I could take over in such a fine way as tonight) made us feel proud. Mission completed to start it up the way it must be started up. As mentioned earlier, the years in the scene are worth a lot when standing behind the wheels.

Picking up the first flyers with our press-picture on it (see below) on monday made us start the new week in a fresh way. And as we like to make ferm decisions this monday was also used to give our 'green light' for the building of our own 'Music Studio'! Big plans need a good environment, so the decision was made in quite a fast way. Building will start soon and we will be informing you by showing you pictures in this blog when it has all started. However, it will for sure be all finished before christmas....2010! Whoop Whoop!!

With 5 new gigs confirmed this week (2 extra for 26-12, 2 extra ones for 31-12 (let's see if the time-tables can be matched in a realistic way ;-)) and one to start the new year more than fresh! 'Passie' is filling the Maassilo Venue again on the first day of the new year and we are proud to be part of the program in the House-Area. Just keep on checking our 'GIGS' Area on the website, as it can be extended on a daily base ;-)

More news. Where we started with the presentation of the first 'Brothers in the Booth Merchandise' some months ago, we are happy to inform you that new shirts are added this week! 'ByNine' has been creative again and opened a personal online webshop for us.

Progression in each and every way as you can conclude by yourself. Hope you all enjoyed our update and will be informing you next week with a lot of new things...Bring it on! ;-)

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