BAMMMMMMMMMMM!!! Because there's just no other way to start our blog this week! Rocking it hard in each and every way. Brothers in the Booth have jumped on a train that hasn't showed any delay yet and we love the hi-speed of progression! This week was mainly based on spending hours on producing and finishing some interesting promotional stuff. With Helguera & Dominicus as our partners in crime, we are making big steps. Hats, claps, kicks, conga's and a lot of other Ultrabeats are getting arranged to a pleasure for the ears and a bomb for the clubs. Below a picture taken by Robbie while the others guys are fully concentrated and busy creating creativity.

As mentioned, our promo-plan was subject of our agenda for this week too. And it's always a fine and good thing to find out we don't have to do this completely by ourselves. Clubs are supporting us also in a very big way and this is proved by the 'triangle-boards' in our own city! Next week (saturday the 18th of december) we will be performing with a two hour set @ Purple Ultralounge (Part of Holland Casino Rotterdam). And as the people walk around in our beautiful city they will feel us looking at them! Check below and you will understand our proudness!

We invite you all to be part of this party and we bet (what's in word ;-)) you won't be disappointed for a second! See you there!

Next to this we are very happy to inform you all that our CD-wallets and CD's for our monthly mixes have arrived! LOOKING BIG! (See below).

We have mentioned it already via our twitter, but we like to repeat it here: Just send your home-adress to info@bitb.nl and you will receive a copy of our monthly booming sound. Get it!

And as this week was also filled with some fine new bookings for the end of this year, we can jump fully satisfied into a new weekend where two gigs are planned. Saturday we will be performing @ The Sand again (during the first edition of 'Allure') and follow this up with a set in the Panama* Studio during Defected in the House. And as these are two rocking clubnights we are sure that we will find a lot of you dancing in front of our booth. We are looking forward to you! Are you hearing forward to us?? WHOOP WHOOP!!

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