Another weekend done, means new stories to be told. And as we like to add additional value to our live-performances, we are aiming to inform you about everything that's reflecting 'Brothers in the Booth'. As we understand not everybody could make it to our gigs of last weekend, we love to spend some words on what happened during our musical enjoyment of last weekend,. 'En Route with Brothers in the Booth' is always fun! From Rotterdam to Amsterdam is less than one hour and with fresh new beats on the radio even faster. First stop of the night is The Sand.

Getting a familiar spot for us as we have been knocking on that door for quite a few times now. Always to warm-up the room and heat up the first party-peeps entering it. During the Moët & Chandon related concept 'Allure' we felt ourselves as fishes (just remember our surnames and the match is complete :-P) swimming in the bubbles. With Leroy Styles as the next one in line on the time-table we knew what to do; Just bring a swing on the floor so Leroy just had 'to put his head against it' to score. One hour passes by as Speedy Gonzales in his best days and as our next station for the night is Panama*, we decide to have some short talks on the dance-floor before leaving for nightclub number 2 (of the night).

Defected in the House for the last time this year at one of their favourite Dutch hotspots. They conquered this location during 'ADE 2010' and now it's time for the last call. With headliner Sandy Rivera and Andy Daniell the lovers knew on forehand they wouldn't miss this one for any reason. And with us doing 'The Studio', the puzzle was complete. Housemusic all night long in two rooms!

We discussed/described the 'Vision Acoustics' soundsystem earlier and again we would like to give a shout out this time. The sound in the little room has made a progression of more than 100% and that's a satisfying feeling for everybody. Andy Daniel heated up the crowd with some 'Canoa' percussion beats and he gave us 'the stick' around half past 1. A DJM600 mixer and two CDJ1000 players is not the most perfect combination (to be honest), but off course nothing to be scared of ;-) So, time to rock, LET'S GO!!!

It's such a satifying feeling to find out the crowd is loving what you're doing. And as we keep on moving and dancing ourselves during our whole sets (no matter the duration) this seems to put a spell on the filled room. 'Funky techhouse' all the way is the receipe for this night and they are adoring it! The sweat dripping from our heads & shirts reflects on the dance-floor as it looks quite steamy as the strobscobe light flashes. This is the vibe we like to bring and give, this is the sound of 'Brothers in the Booth'. These people don't need a dictionary for translating what we want to say, they understand it directly: DANCE ALL NIGHT LONG!!

And as the end of the second hour make us force to stop, we decide to put on Funkagenda's 'Man with the Red Face' as our last one...Or not?? As the crowd screams for more Simon Steur's remix of 'Just the way you are' turns out to be the real last one of the night! And as our followers are just the way THEY are, they like to give compliments on things they really love & feel. Therefor, below, a short selection of compliments we received (sorry, some are in Dutch :-P): 

- Here it is... @brothersitbooth putting all the Defected guys to shame! Amazing!!

- Jullie set gisteravond tijdens DitH was weer helemaal te gek! Een uniek staaltje samenwerking zoals jullie draaien...Tot een volgend feest - ik hou jullie in de gaten!

- Ten eerste was weer een top set gister in panama!!! Hopelijk tot snel!

- Heren. Het was weer eens een genoegen om jullie te zien. Een geweldige set in de PANAMA...

- It's à pleasure to listen and feel the vibe :-))! Great job!!

- Ging heel goed gisteren :-D iedereen ging uit zn dak !!!

- Ik was gisteren onverwacht bij Panama beland en heb voor het eerst van jullie sound kunnen genieten.... ; ) You guys rocked the place ....

Do we need to say more?? Yes, we think we do. To be part of a 'Defected in the House' night is a real big honour and we really would like to thank Defected and Panama* for offering this to us. Respect! And as words are not images, below some pictures made by Link2party photographer Xolali Joval. Just feel the spirit and atmosphere we have been bringing all night long! Whoop Whoop!

Rotjoggies in the front of the booth enjoying it to the max (thanks for the interview guys!)

CRAZY-NESS!! (For everybody who thought our press-pic is scary ;-PPP)


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