DAMN! We can really say that our country was in the middle of 'snowhere' last weekend! Extreme weather made a lot of people decide to prefer their domestic fireplaces above the warmth of house-music in the clubs. But thank goodness the scene exists of die-hards who need to have their wishes for musical satisfaction fulfilled and satisfied. No matter the weather. And as we belong to that part of the people who doesn't melt from the cold, we had our roadmap for the weekend designed by four gigs.

For saturday we had two nice ones and the same amount was waiting for us on sunday. Preparing our set is always a nice thing to do after a hard work-out in the gym. And as the brothers strive to keep fit in every way this is our regular planning for a saturday. Our funky technouse combined with sounds from the heart matches completely like a happy relationship.

We are ready! But what about the weather?? Around 9 PM it really started to look like a snowstorm which changed Rotterdam (and the rest of the Netherlands) into a 'Snowmagaddon'. This is extreme in it's literally way. So extreme, it made us to decide to cancel our performance during the opening of Club Eqlipse in Tilburg as it's not realistic to make it in one hour in these circumstances. So all the eyes and ears on 'Ultra Purplelounge' (which is situated in Holland Casino Rotterdam).

A hotspot that looks futuristic and international and that creates a possibilty to drink and dance while earning (or losing) money at the other side of the building. Starting our gig at 00.00 and ending it 2 hours later. A happy resident DJ being more than positive on our sound and people dancing while drinking their cocktails. And although 'Sex on the Beach' seemed quite far away at this moment, the ladies were loving it all a lot! Some sleep, some rest, some extra gain of energy.

SUN(DAY)! Time for a Metz! And where most of you will probably think of a ballgame when talking about 'Match on Sunday', we know the real deal is about partying this time. With a 3 hour set of DJ Roog and with a warm-up of 2 hours from 'Brothers in the Booth' this could only become an edition that would fit perfectly in a sunny atmosphere. And while the snow was still taking over control on the outside of 'Het Prinsestheater', inside the sun was shining from the beginning. Sounds of love & dedication by DJ Roog from 20.00 till 23.00 and sounds of dedication & love from 18.00 till 20.00 by ourselves. With a more then enthusiastic audience who really love the sound of house, this is one of the finest parties to play at. Thanks peeps for being quite early with this bad weather and dangerous roads. This is dedication! And Love!

Last stop for the weekend is Bobby Rock's Birthday Bash @ Blender. A new hotspot in Rotterdam that will open it's doors in the beginning of January 2011. We played there for one hour after some young dudes had killed the crowd (and their ears) with a sound that has no feeling of love & dedication at all. But they probably can't help it either. However enjoyed this one too and wishing colleague DJ Bobby a lot of healthy years behind the decks: ROCK!! :-)

Looking forward to Christmas in each & every way with 3 gigs planned. Just check out our 'GIGS' section on this website to find out where you can see us enjoy what we are doing: Making music and making you dance! Wishing you all a fantastic 'X-mas Weekend' and be sure you don't let the turkey get a cold! Have a good meal, Whoop Whoop! ;-) 

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