Christmas 2010. More than all the previous years it seemed that everybody had missed their families so much. Without a doubt, two days in a year are (in this situation) the perfect opportunity to correct a whole year of not seeing each other. And to be honest, we don't go along with this way of celebrating Christmas. We like to eat some extra food with the family, but next to this we have 363 days left in a year to have fun with everyone. Including our family.

So, let's forget about the standard way of celebrating the 'Santa Claus Birthday' and focus on our gigs for this weekend. A total amount of 3 spread over 2 days. The first one on Christmas Eve (friday 24-12) where a 'Sparkling Christmas' had to take the potential visitors away from their family diners. 'Club Eqlipse' just openend their doors a week ago and it seems a lot of people are not informed about this yet. A line-up with, next to us, Quintino (2 hours solo) didn't have the result the organisation had hoped for. We played after Captain Black (who rocked the house with 130 bpm around 11 o'clock) and Miss Hayes. We had to warm it up for the DJ who reached 5.000 followers on twitter last week. A nice amount, but unfortunately completely worthless during this night. We played for one hour and an additional 'half one', before the organisation decided to close the doors. In Tilburg, 'Christmas Eve 2010' seemed a night to share with the family and not in the club.

The first day of X-mas the brothers had a night off, which meant going bed early for creating a high energy-level for 'Boxing Day'. Or in our case 'Rekordboxing Day'. With 2 gigs (one in Club Rex and one in Panama*) we had to be well-prepared with actual rocking tunes to 'jingle bell' the audience.

First stop 'Domenica Chique' (Casino Royale) @ Club Rex (Hilversum). A night surrounded by glamour and, in this specific case, gambling-tables. Not the perfect combination when you want the people to hit the dancefloor in the early hours. Vince Vega played the first hour in the right way: teasing and warm vocals supported by steady bass-lines. The time-schedule made us start at 23 and end 2,5 hours later. A house-set that made the crowd leave their tables, order their drinks and hit the dance-floor with their moves. We love those hands up in the air, especially when combined with a big smile. And thank goodness this well-dressed visitors accepted our 'horny sounds' (we received a BBM ping in which our sound was described this way by a nice lady ;-)) in the right way. Erick E (who had to play after us) entered the booth and whispered in our ears that this was inevitable: the two 'picture-guys' who had been rocking the clubscene for 8 years, rocking behind the decks. And he was DAMN right! Thanks Reza, thanks 'Domenica Chique' and thanks Club Rex, we enjoyed this night to the max!

Next stop Panama*. We would almost say in our favorite 'Studio'. 2 weeks ago we had such a great night over there while Sandy Rivera was performing in the 'Theatre Room' and tonight it felt a bit like this with Shapeshifters performing in there. As we were lifting 'the red lantern of the time-table' we expected we had to stop around half past 3 (which is a regular thing in Panama). But what happened?!?! Not the studio was shut around this time, but the 'Theatre Room'! A bigger, unwritten compliment couldn't be given to our sound and with the crowd asking for more when the music was forced to stop at 4 our 2010 'Christmas Feeling' was complete! Also here, we would like to thank you all (including Ruben van der Meer) for dancing till the last second to our pumping beats.

We spent X-mas 2010 with our family, behind the decks and with you. And to be honest we couldn't have wished for anything better! Looking forward to NYE now. A night were 'Brothers in the Booth' will complete a real threesome (at Ocean Diva, Bungalow8 and Prinsestheater). And with the remark on our 'horny sounds' we are convinced this night is gonna be HOTTER than ever before!! We would almost say, as a lot of our colleagues used to ask: WHO'S CUMMING????? ;-) CU THERE! Whoop Whoop!

Note: As some pics of our performance have been taken in Rex & Panama, they will be added later on this week to this blog.

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