Just another magic sunday! To a lot of you it's called the end of the week and to a lot of others it's just the beginning. For us, to be honest, it doesn't matter what day it is, as we are enjoying all 7 days of the week in the best way. On the other hand, we like it when our days are filled with playing and making music. And therefor, sunday the 16th of January, was a special one for 'Brothers in the Booth' as it was our return to one of the most exclusive and stylish clubnights in the Netherlands: Le Dimanche!

The clubnight that went famous and popular @ Marcanti and that was moved to the fresh and new Club AIR shortly after the opening in may 2010. And with the international touch of this club, this clubnight only has gained more status. And the reason for this is crystal clear. What's better than having the feeling of partying in the right atmosphere with the people sharing the same feeling, around you. Here you go. Le Dimanche was ready for another hot night and 'Brothers in the Booth' were well-prepared to support this in a BIG way!

With a settime from 8PM till 10PM we were responsible for 50% of the night and with that in mind we made a selection of funky, groovy, techy and vocal tracks that fits with this concept perfectly. People coming from the stairs towards the dancefloor, ordering some drinks, having some talks and finally ending up in front of us. And just when we felt the atmosphere lifting up to the next level in our set, some soundtechnician decided to switch off the power...AARGGGGHHHH!!! It's a human thing to make mistakes, but silence in a club while it's getting filled, gets close to a worse nightmare.

Picking it up again from 'Year 3000' and pushing it forward towards Wizeman, Blackwater and Wasted. Tracks that breath a touch of Ibiza and tracks that made women as well as men dance on the VIP and throughout the whole club. The ID&T Crew was having a great time as well as the girls from 'Entertainment Matters' (withdrawn from active duty and dancing in the VIP). Another gig was slowly coming to an end and we choosed Chris Lake's 'If you knew' (Yves Murasca & BK Duke Balearic Remix) as our final track. A track that marks the change of artists perfectly and with Miss Bunty giving props to us, the hands on the dancefloor went up as a thanksgiving. We loved to play in this massive club again and are really looking forward to say hello again there SOON!!!

We informed you almost a month ago with the building of our 'Studio' and we are very happy to inform you that it's finished for 90% now! Last tuesday we had our first official session together with the rocking guys 'Helguera & Dominicus' and it directly went mad in each and every way. Having fun together with making beats, telling jokes, being creative and most of all having an agreement on the environment of our first official release.

And when the evening became a night and the night became a morning we felt we really touched the right keys. This catchy sound didn't get out of our minds and with the techy beat underneath it we signed off and woke up with this tune bumping in our heads again. WOW! After 1 night in our own 'Studio' it's totally clear to us what producing is all about. It's about being creative in the ultimate way. Just think of what you like to hear yourself and translate it into something for the clubs. BAMMMMMMMM!! :-)

We are on our way. The next session with 'H&D' is planned for sunday. Mad Sunday! And as we are on a roll now, thursdaynight another studio-session is planned with another DJ-duo: 'Soul Cartel'. Also expecting a lot of that one, as we all have the same feeling about what our future tracks should sound like. Stay tuned as 'Brothers in the Booth' and 'Their Studio' is gonna be a perfect match!!

Whoop Whoop!!

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