NOW IS THE TIME!! We have been informing you about our steps in the studio during the last months and we are more than proud, to inform you that the FIRST & OFFICIAL RESULT is herewith presented to you! We decided to let ourselves be inspired by what's HOT at this moment and we think no one can deny 'Adele' is. With her typical voice she touches the right feeling of millions of fans all over the world and when we listened to the vocals in her track 'Rolling in the Deep' there was no discussion left: THIS ONE NEEDED TO BE BOOTLEGGED!!!

We jumped into our studio with our 'partners in rhyme' Helguera & Dominicus and after exactly 12 hours we came out with a result that satisfied all 4 of us! We picked the ‘Dark bluesy gospel disco tune’ (Adele's own words) and transformed it into a BANGER for the dancefloors in the clubs! Get yourself lifted by the pumping bass and rolling kick supported by percussions, snares and claps! And with our cutting of the vocals in a perfect way, we are convinced everybody is feeling what we are feeling when listening to this ultimate ‘Tech House’ BOOTLEG!!

Last night 'Brothers in the Booth / Helguera & Dominicus' played this track for the first time on national radio (during 'Ministry of Beats @ Radio Decibel by Edwin Diergaarde) and now you can ALL listen to a 'snippet' of it below. Next week we will start sending the track to a lot of artists (national and international) and of course we are aiming for a lot of support as a result of this. EXCITED!!! We advice you all to stay tuned as some other productions are being finished at this very moment! YES, WE ARE ROLLING, WE ARE ROLLING IN THE DEEP! Whoop Whoop! 

Adele - Rolling in the Deep (Brothers in the Booth, Helguera & Dominicus Bootleg) SNIPPET by brothersinthebooth

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