That was another weekend full of music. This time not only in our studio (which is getting more and more familiar with us), but also in a fantastic club and in an intimate hotspot. With the newest music in the pocket and our own productions as ammunition to make the crowd dance, we left for our first gig of the weekend to a club where the lightshow has made steps the last years.

'LED' is the new discoball and with Escape Venue having this type of light spreaded in there whole club, it felt like playing in a 'tunnel of light'. Framebusters is the well-known resident saturdaynight created by an artist who's in the clubscene for 20 (!) years now. A jubilee with a golden touch, if you ask us. We had the honour of warming it up from 23.00 till 1.15 and with our feet on the pedal we steamed it up during this 135 minutes of music pleasure.

And as Escape Venue is an interesting spot to a lot of tourists, our international sound was matching like never before. Our continuous boot(h)y dancing injected them like the biggest needle of a surgeon and we only could feel like a fully cured patient when DJ Raymundo took over between 1.15 and 1.30. The DJ with the biggest smile in the scene grabbed them all where we left them and with the cube-lights getting up in the air and Miss Vika Kova doing it her way , the international vibe was just totally there! This was a nice debut! We loved every minute of it and are happy to be back in this venue this friday, when 'Brothers in the Booth' will play during the debut of 'We are Golden'...Looking forward!!

We all know about it. The endless and everlasting wish for people to be surrounded by a mass of people when joining a party. It must be crowded otherwise not enough people see you busy with your hot Blackberry or shiny iPhone. Well, let us inform you about this...Last sunday it was the debut (yes, we use this word a lot of times in this blog ;-)) of a new sunday clubnight: 'Seven Sundays Clubbin''.

And with the intimacy of 'Club Seven' ('Seven' is exactly half of 'One Four' ;-)) we were happy to be part of the line-up of this first edition. When we entered the room around half past 8 (The Hague is a 'shity' (shit city) when it comes to driving around easy and finding a fine parkingspot)) Ferris Verdi (a.f.k.a Fetish Verdi) was doing his sound for among 100 people. And here we go.

A good party don't need to be crowded. A good party don't need to be packed. Everything a good party need is a FUNKY BEAT and YOU to have it started! And that was the way our cookie crumbled!


A 2 hour set on CDJ1000 MKII's (Yes, real artists just take their CD-collection with them ;-)) took the house-lovers by their hands and feet and made them dance continuously to our set which existed of bangers like Ride the Rhythm, Joy, Looking forward (Shapeshifters remix: DAMN!), King of the Divan, Black Mamba, Rolling in the Deep (BITB/H&D Booty) and of course many other 'Flirting with Ibiza' dancefloor fillers!

Another night that proved it! A night that showed that we don't really need a crowd to have a party. A night that showed that a funky beat and YOU are enough to create an unforgetable atmosphere in a room that could easily apply for a livingroom. Thank you all for coming and for enjoying OUR music!! This is just how WE do it! BAM!!

Much more info soon.....Stay tuned! :-)

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