Rotterdam vs Amsterdam, but of course in a positive way. ‘Brothers in the Booth’ rocked their weekend relaxed and perfect. Enjoying the beautiful weather like all of you and getting a little tan which brought our warm feelings already a little closer to Ibiza. And as we really love to combine our love for the island with our love for the music, we were looking forward to two new bookings on our schedule: ‘Get Loud’ in Thalia Lounge on saturday and ‘Le Dimanche @ Club AIR on sunday. And as the positive NRG was still pumping through our bodies and our fingers couldn’t sleep yet, we found the perfect reason for another personal blog based on our latest experiences. Come one friends, let’s gooooooo!

‘Eclectic Empire strikes back’. Yes, we see the question marks above your head. But wait, we are gonna take them away. As the ‘Get Loud’ organisation was @ Club Riva when we played there at the end of January, they contacted us for their party @ ‘Thalia Lounge’; NO, we don’t do Eclectic or R&B, YES, they liked our sound to the max. So, match made & booking confirmed.

Before we hit the club we bumped into some enthusiastic ladies who heared us play at ‘Woodies’ and ‘Ocean Diva’ a few weeks ago. And with the confirmation of our settime between 2 and 3, we convinced them to join us for a dancing night. However, two guys just coming out of the club informed them that ‘there were not a lot of people inside’ and so they changed plans. Let’s be honest with each other…’What the F*CK’ is your reason for going out?? A packed club? The music? The combination? Or just 'Something against your cold'?? We just let them spoil their night and we entered the club with the highest ceiling in Rotterdam. The dancefloor was filled with enough dancing space in between and a lot of people were just sitting and of course watching their ‘Personal Best Friend’ called ‘BB’.

And while the organiser was asking if we could play some familiair tunes (because the visitors don’t understand something they haven't heard before) we already decided ourselves ‘not’ to. No percussions, no rimboe-beats. NO, just ‘HOUSE’, the ‘Brothers in the Booth’ way! One hour of house & tech waked up a part of the peeps and although it’s hard to bring people to a quite empty dance-floor we partly succeeded. We just don’t do what all the others do, we just like to be unique. And after a good talk with the organsation we left the club for a short pillow-session…Zzzzzzz #djsleepingtalk

A perfect Sun(ny)day! And for us a more than perfect one, because we were blessed with the possibility of taking the visitors of ‘Le Dimanche’ on a trip. On a trip to places with waving palm trees, small bikini’s, hot bodies and a sexy atmosphere. Because that’s the image ‘Brothers in the Booth’ like to create in your mind. And with a settime between 20 and 22, we had the ultimate chance to tell our ‘Story of the Night’.

We boarded the best artists and there hottest remixes and picked up a lot of visitors during the first hour. ‘125 beats in a minute’ doesn’t tell anything, but the feeling in a specific track does for sure. And as ‘Silicon Soul’ and ‘Ministry of Funk teamed up great, we jumped into Ultranate’s ‘Free’ in a heavenly ‘Ramon Tapia & Kabale Und Liebe Remix’.

While ‘Live Your Life’ (Bills Hur Remix) marked the change of hour, we felt the crowd digging our sound. And to honest, a better feeling you can’t imagine! A clubnight is about a match between the party-people and the artists. And just believe us, IT WORKS! It works when you are looking people in the eyes while playing. It works when you lift your hands up in order to ask them to follow. It just works, when you are spreading your love for the music to every corner of the club.

‘Le Dimanche’ was GREAT!! And with ‘Miss Supertrash’ (red. Olcay Gulsen) dancing in front of our booth with had another confirmation of internationality to our sound. Gigs like this give SO MUCH energy! Gigs like this just prove that the visitors want a lot more than they are hearing every day of the week on all ‘Dutch Radio Stations’.

House is a feeling, a feeling that ‘Brothers in the Booth’ like to share…With YOU, YOU & YOU!! Thank you all again for the compliments we received when hitting the floor after our gig and yes it would have been great if we had the opportunity to play 2 hours longer ;-))) Just join our train during one of our next gigs and find out you are more than looking forward to Ibiza this summer!!!

Have a good week & stay tuned as there is more ‘BITB info coming up….#sittingstillisneveranoption

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