LIKE A FANTASTIC SUMMERDREAM COMING TRUE! That’s what it is!! We already mentioned it on our personal ‘Facebook pages’ and ‘Twitter accounts’, but as it’s more than 100% official now, it’s time to inform you by means of a new ‘Brothers in the Booth’ blog!

With the warm memories of ‘A Day at the Pool 2010’ in mind, we could not let this positive feeling pass by this summer. In our ultimate search for another edition this year, we used our network (sorry colleagues ;-)) and bumped into DJ Mike van Loon. With his years of experience within the house-scene and his connections on the island he asked us if we were interested in a residency on ‘The White Island’? A rhetorical question as you can understand. And with a ‘BIG YES’ we started to work out the idea and possibilities. And here we gooooooooo: SUNSHINE HOTEL IS BORN! :-)

This summer ‘SUNSHINE HOTEL’ will be rocking the island during 4 night editions @ Es Vive Hotel! Within the intimate and exclusive atmosphere of the location you can join this ‘100% Rocking House Music’ event every fourth tuesday of the month:

- Tuesday the 21st of June 2011 (Opening)
- Tuesday the 26th of July 2011 (2nd Edition)
- Tuesday the 23th of August 2011 (3rd Edition)
- Tuesday the 20th of September 2011 (Closing)

The coming days we expect the website www.sunshinehotel.nl to hit the web in full-effect and from there you will be informed on a weekly (and probably daily) base with all the preparations and information. We will work with an official ‘REGISTRATION/CHECK-IN’ so be sure you get PERSONALLY invited by US! ;-)

Check out the following ‘Social Media’ pages for all the information regarding our parties on the island this summer:

Mike van Loon
Brothers in the Booth
Sunshine Hotel

Brothers in the Booth
Sunshine Hotel
Es Vive Ibiza VIP Club

You all know OUR LOVE for the island and this summer we are more than ready to share this FANTASTIC feeling with you! So stay tuned, be prepared and remember that this summer is gonna be more LEGENDARY than ever before!

GET READY TO SHINE WHEN THE SUN HAS GONE DOWN! ;-)) #wearesureyouwillenjoyyourstay #wehavegotthekey

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