Is it strange to have ‘fun’? Is it ‘different’ to show that you like what you are doing? Is it ‘weird’ to sing along with every little vocal in the tracks you are playing? If the answers to these three questions are all ‘YES’, we can conclude that ‘Brothers in the Booth’ are strange, different and weird ;-) And to be honest, we are happy with this. It’s the same feeling as driving on the highway in our car and seeing the sheeps grazing and standing in the grass-lands. We don’t wanna be part of that and therefor we like to pass it by on highspeed. And that’s the same feeling we have when running & turning around in the clubscene :-)

Last weekend we grabbed the opportunity again to show the party-people that it’s possible to bring a different, but very popular sound with us. A sound which, unfortunately is often played by the international artists who visit our country and a sound that seems to be not really popular among the ‘Arrived’ Dutch artists. But as we don’t have a history in music (accept walking around for 8 years in the scene ;-)) we can easily follow our own feeling of sound. And that’s fantastic!

During ‘Exclusive’ @ BC Royal (Hoek van Holland) we let the people dance with their feet in the sand while the sun was going down. And with our ‘BITB/H&D Bootleg’ of ‘Rolling in the Deep’ (also part of the May-mix of ‘The Cube Guys’) all hands went up! It was a great and unique feeling to rock in this ‘Boogie Wonderland’ @ The beach. Next edition will be on Saturday the 28th of May @ BC People (Kijkduin). Be there or be somewhere else ;-)

And as mentioned in our ‘looking forward’ blog of last week, it was us who gained a position at the lowest part of the ‘Nikki Beach World Tour’ time-table @ BC Bloomingdale. A ‘2 hour set’ (22.00 till close) with DJ Roog warming it up for us. And with him ending up at 129bpm and ‘Telling the world he was coming home’ we had the obligation not to slow down. So a ‘2 hour’ set at ‘129bpm’ meant sweat, sweat & SWEAT!!!

A pumping vibe rolling through the beachclub creating an international atmosphere. The mist horns were blowing, the crowd was flowing and we were growing! Totally feeling perfect at the right place at the right time! A closing with a BANG!!!

And as words are just words, we are always happy to have some fantastic photpgraphers (Suat, Lody & Chee) around us. And regarding the video-coverage we expect some GREAT moving images by ‘AJG Filmproductions’…Just because ‘Papi’ is the BEST!

Thanks 'Luxury Events' for your faith in us and thanks party-people for accepting a different sound than the one that’s made by sheeps: Mehhhhhhhhh Mehhhhhhh Mehhhhhhhhh ;-)))) #daretobedifferent

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