It was about three months ago. We received a phone call from Luxury Events with the following question: ‘Guys, do you think you are ready to warm it up for Erick Morillo on the 6th of November on the Ocean Diva?’. Silence in the atmosphere and calculations in our heads. Three months to go and knowing what we stand for ourselves; For passion, enthusiasm and a strong will to do it our own musical way. A way that’s created by the experience of walking around and listening to the sounds as played in national and international clubs for 8 years now. So the answer to that question, could be only one: A full-monty ‘YES’!

From that day on it was counting down the months, weeks, days, hours, minutes and seconds till the moment we should really stand on that specific location in Amsterdam during the first edition of ‘Subliminal Sessions Voodoo Nights’. With a well-prepared set we entered the boat around 22.00 PM. Quite early, so we could take a dive into the atmosphere we might expect during this night. ‘Voodoo Elements’ and decoration all over the place and a DJ booth with a lot of equipment to create the ultimate musical journey. We were ready, our SD cards were completely updated and with a push on the ‘Play button’ the night started!

A lot of people promised us to be early, to be sure not to miss a second of our ‘heat up the oven’ set. And they made their promise! Taking pictures, shaking hands and making their bodies move to our uplifting grooves and beats. We felt the crowd and satisfied them with a mix of techhouse and house in the right combination and perfect key-order. Hands came up early that night and the yelling and screaming made us put our BPM a little higher. And as the boat was getting more and more loaded, we took out ‘Pasilda’, ‘Pitaya’ and ‘Burujava’ as the right bullits for that moment in time. Techhouse all the way at this moment of time. Around 1 AM our set reached another ultimate moment with Christian Falero’s Remix of ‘Hide You’, followed by Daniel Bovie & Roy Rox still pumping ‘All to Me’ banger. One half a hour to go before Erick Morillo jumps into the booth. Completely on a roll, we show the audience that we like them ‘Just the way they are’ by Simon Steur’s remix of the ultimate Bruno Mars hit. As this tracks bangs quite hard, we decide to switch it a little back in tempo by presenting ‘Akila’, ‘Bambola’ and ‘Where do we go from here (Erick tell us ;-)) as our last golden threesome!

The adrenaline rushes through our veins as Erick takes over! Mission completed! And based one the enthusiasm of the audience, in a perfect way!! Hitting the dancefloor after our gig to party along with everybody, we were overwhelmed by loads of compliments on our set. What a fantastic feeling!! Normally you would say ‘it’s like a dream coming true’, but we didn’t even have the time to dream about this. Amazed and more than happy at once! Thank you all for the large number of nice words on all the social media (such as twitter and facebook), for the support, and most of all for the faith in ‘Brothers in the Booth’. And as you can imagine we would like to give a really special shout out to Luxury Events for offering us this unique opportunity to climb this ladder of house!! See you all dancing and jumping in front of our booth during one of our next gigs…Whoop Whoop!

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