THE DOORS ARE OFFICIALY OPEN! Last Tuesday (20-6-2011) the first edition of ‘Sunshine Hotel’ rocked the night in a literally HOT AND STEAMY way! ‘Es Vive Hotel’ organised a poolparty next to the hotel and a lot of Great & Britain visitors took their opportunity to start partying early. A lot of drinks in the sun are however not the best way to keep fit for long night @ the ‘Heineken Experience Bar’. This bar is the spot for our ‘Sunshine Hotel’ editions of this summer and is totally styled by the ’big beer brand’. And with a capacity of among 200 visitors you can imagine we didn’t need a crowd to have a party in there. However an airco would be a gift from above :-P

Starting at midnight and after ‘DJ Kubical’. And while we (Mike van Loon and Brothers in the Booth) entered the booth, we received an advise from ‘Claude von Stroke’ (Yes, the one and only) not to start, as this DJ was amazing. With that said, we could only straigthen our backs and do what we can do best: Bring the grooving and rolling sound and follow up ‘DJ Kubical’ in the best way. And so we did! And with ‘Claude’ coming back in the club and dancing to our beats (Oh, I thought you were ‘Trance DJ’s’) we could only be satisfied in the early hours of the night.

People walking in and walking out, some Dutch visitors blown away by the intense heat in the club and some struggle with ‘the level of dB’ on the Void Sound System. All subjects that belong to a first edition of something new. Something we have fully connected our names to and something we totally believe in! And as Ibiza is the island of freedom, we understand completely that a lot of you decided, last minute, not to come.

We received your ‘Pre-Registration’ and ‘Check In’ and we were prepared to welcome you on our dancefloor. But as you are all are free to do what you want to do, we also understand, without any doubts, your choice to stay or party somewhere else. Because this is Ibiza, this is the place where nothing is obliged. This is the place where everybody should do what they, and there friends, like to do best. As that’s exactly what we do ourselves ;-))

We are counting down the days to the second edition on Tuesday the 26th of July. And we are looking forward to welcome you all to our pumping, hot, steamy & sexy ‘Sunshine Hotel’!! #bitb #mikevanloon #sunshinehotel

Pictures bij Kevin Diederen (www.link2party.nl)

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