It’s a nice thing to talk about. And for some people even a reason to start a serious discussion. “In the actual world we live in it’s not the music anymore that’s leading the industry, it’s the skin around it”. This sweet statement is of course mainly based on a ‘history moment in time’ when internet was just available for a small amount of people and discjockeys (cute name, isn’t it? :-)) were only looking at their turntables to be aware that everything was pitched in the right way. But times are changing seriously. No wait, times already have changed seriously!

Internet took away every border and made it possible for EVERYONE to get in touch with their fans (people who like to come to a party for you) in each and every way. So not only by means of music, but also by means of fashion, lifestyle, looks and all the other ‘nowaday things’ you can imagine. And we, Brothers in the Booth, just think that’s a GREAT THING! More opportunities to present yourself in various different ways and more options to squeeze everything out of your personal creative mind. Yes, BIG STAGES are coming closer and closer for all that are showing positivity. And for those who look back in anger, time just keeps standing still.

Why this intro?? Well, quite easy. Today ‘Brothers in the Booth’ had a fantastic photoshoot with Karlo Gomez (www.emagineitstudio.com) from LA. The man knows how to get the best out of the ones on the other side of the camera and with photoshop as his finishing tool, he creates just masterpieces. Together with AJG Filmproductions we jumped into a unique and private spot in Amsterdam and did our thing together with the ‘Tag Team’. And while Karlo was shooting still images, Alfredo was taking care again of the moving parts. Below some snaps of the atmosphere. The definite ones will follow shortly and will be presented of course in another, fresh ‘Brothers in the Booth’ blog.

DAMN! With the information above you would probably think we almost forgot the MUSIC….BUT WE ARE NOT! SOON we will bring you the snip of our first official ‘Brothers in the Booth’ track! Because we just like to give you ALL our COMPLETE package!! ;-))))) #bitb #2011 #energy #positivity

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