THIS MIX IS NOT AVAILABLE ON SOUNDCLOUD ANYMORE. If you want to receive a copy, please send an e-mail to info@bitb.nl and we will provide the mix by means of a downloadlink :-)


With a little delay the 'Brothers in the Booth' weekly flight has just landed on the world wide web! Mix number 13 takes you, at the beginning of 2011, on a trip to a fantastic beautiful island far far away. Music is all about visualisation and with this mix we really think we have created a 'Blue Lagoon' feeling for you. Take us by the hand and we will exactly explain our feelings and thoughts on this one.

It's our first night on the island that gives us the ultimate happy feeling and therefor we start with a funky 'Klappy' by David Jones. Sitting around the campfire on the beach 'The Story of Love' (by Franky Rizardo & Barry Barrylas in the 'Muzzaik Remix') is 'told' by Nathasja. And while even the fireflies are dancing to the beats, all visitors are drinking it on the rocks. What an ultimate start of our vacation! After this fantastic night and a perfect & deep sleep we wake up happy and that couldn't get along in a better way with the 'it makes us wanna bump & jump' sound of 'Squeeze it'!

Time to hit the beach again at this time of the day! And the uplifting sound connected with the extremely hot vocal of Mike Polo's 'Pasilda' lifts the temperature to higher levels. This feels like the summer of your dreams, isn't it? Well let's take a run on the beach when 'Djembe' follows 'Pasilda' and makes the image complete with waving palms, hot suncreamed bodies and waves hitting the coast. And as the mountain/rock in the distance takes our attention we are getting in, lighting the area with a flaming torch. It's quite dark and therefor the sound makes a little step this way.

We mentioned it in our 'NYE blog' and we are doing it again here. Sharam's 'M.I.T.T.' is BIG! And going deeper into the cave this track touches your deepest feelings of intensity! Feeling like 'Indiana Jones' already?? Than we have the next step for you! Just get along with 'The Witch Doktor' (Armand van Helden in the remix by Ramon Tapia & Anton Pieete) and make sure he gives you a cure & a cause for everything in 2011! And just when you think this is it, you are meeting some real 'hot ghosts' at the end of this area. Christian Smith's 'Ghost Chili' makes the light at the end of the tunnel shine and makes you wanna 'Move your Body' to another masterpiece of Stefano Noferini! What an experience! The sunset has already started and when ordering a fresh cocktail at the beachbar the ultimate final track 'Empty Spaces' by Exacta & Kate Elsworth brings it all back to relaxation.

With a feeling of proudness we have started the new year and we are convinced we didn't disappoint you with this first one of 2011! And from this position we want to send our special thanks to Tim Waugh (The Muzik Lounge) for providing us with some massive tracks! #weloveit!

For this weekend we have a compiled a new mix for 'Radio Decibel Dance Nights'. And to be really honest, it feels like listening to an ENERGETIC, ROCKING & PUMPING set from our personal hero Erick Morillo! Don't believe it? Tune in and just decide for yourself ....Fridaynight between 02.00 and 04.00 CET and saturday between 00.00 and 02.00 CET...Whoop Whoop!!! :)

BITB Mix @ Radio Decibel Part 13 by brothersinthebooth

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