Music keeps us breathing every day. And as we know that a bassline is the ‘life line’ for a lot of you we are happy to play for oxygen-engine again! Bringing you two new mixes that have already pleasured the airwaves during the last weeks when they were broadcasted LIVE @ Radio Decibel Dance Nights. And as good music & mixes need to be shared with as much ‘music lovers’ as possible we couldn’t hold back to combine again the best tracks in the most ultimate way (based on our personal ears of course).

We keep it rolling as we have a personal liking for tracks that make you swing automatically. Tracks that motivates your hips to move from left to right. Tracks with recognizable vocals from classics transformed into a modern jacket. We have already taken our ‘flipflops’ out of the closet, just because the summer is in our heads, hearts & MUSIC! Enjoy our sound as much as you can & ignore your boss while rolling around in the office! #BAM #2012 #bitb

BITB Mix @ Radio Decibel Part 60 by brothersinthebooth

BITB Mix @ Radio Decibel Part 61 by brothersinthebooth

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