Some traditions we love. And one of them is ending our year with a BANG! We let the year pass by in our minds and decided to combine those tracks that set the clubs on fire during the last 12 months, worldwide. Our YEARMIX of last year seemed very popular as it was downloaded almost 2.000 times! And we are convinced you will be happy with this one too.

And for those we like more rolling techhouse beats we promise to make a special tech yearmix (Part II) next week. Just to show our love for our fans and of course our diversity and wide interest in different styles of music!

For now, we advise you to download our yearmix, unbottle the champagne and BANG into 2013 like never before (we guess that’s quite easy :-P). Have a good one and a FANTASTIC 2013!! XX – LOVE - BITB

YEARMIX 2012 - PART 1 by brothersinthebooth

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