THIS MIX IS NOT AVAILABLE ON SOUNDCLOUD ANYMORE. If you want to receive a copy, please send an e-mail to info@bitb.nl and we will provide the mix by means of a downloadlink :-)


Pleasure, pleasure and pure pleasure! That's what our feeling for music is all about. And as the music industry is filled with the key that's called creativity, we are swimming around like fishes in a sea that's totally blue and not showing any dirt of any kind.

Mix number 14 is knocking on your door and as we like to keep our weekly choices of tracks a little bit secret we are, again, not gonna tell you exactly what our playlist consists of. No, this week we have integrated 'a bit of a quiz-element' with the publication of our pumping mix.

BITB Mix @ Radio Decibel Part 14 by brothersinthebooth

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