THIS MIX IS NOT AVAILABLE ON SOUNDCLOUD ANYMORE. If you want to receive a copy, please send an e-mail to info@bitb.nl and we will provide the mix by means of a downloadlink :-)


In this scene it's fantastic to call your colleagues 'Bro'. And to be honest, in our case, it's even more than fantastic as my brother and I are 'REAL ONES' (as you all might know). And together with my 'Bro' I decided two weeks ago not to make a 'year 2010 mix' for Radio Decibel. The reason? 'Brothers in the Booth' just like to focus on the fantastisc future that's in front of us and therefor we aimed our guns on the most funky and moving techhouse tracks we could find during the switch from 2010 to 2011.

A mix that has been played twice now on national radio (Radio Decibel Dance Nights) and is therefor now ready to be published as a downloadable one for you! And we are sure you are gonna like this 'techy' one 'to the bone'! LET'S GO DOWN THE LANE!

It's Pirupa who's given the honour to start our match this week with his 'Whatever Girl'. A track with a fine bassline and catchy lady vocal, steaming up the vibe into pure enjoyment of the music as 'Reboot' gets his 'Enjoy Music' remixed by Riva Starr. Just feel it pumping and get happy (if you wasn't that already ;-)). Taking you there, which means towards track 3 in this mix. The combination of 'Sax & House' is sexy and the orginal mix of 'Ivan Project' just confirms this steady statement. Blow, blow, blow your speakers...and sax of course!

When Radio Slave and Jay Lumen meet each other, the result is just fabulous! Heating it up with the right 'train movement' and bringing you to station number 6, called 'Vilassar'. Listening and dancing to techhouse is like being transported by means of a railway with highway parts in it. It keeps you flowing, but makes you move more to little, but firm, changes in the tracks. We can't stop dancing and roll towards the last part.

A part where 'Umbeki' meets 'Di Do' and where 'DJ Chus' wants us all to get together in his 'Croupier Mix'. Ending it up with Runaway by 'Glimpse' is no coincidence as his album is called 'Blue Train'. Let's get outside and take some breath as this hour has been more than intensive to our body and feet!

We hope you liked what you heard and we hope you felt the vibe of 'Brothers in the Booth' pumping through your body with this selection of what we call 'HOUSE'!! Stay tuned for our compilation of next week, as a different kind of train will pick you up again...Whoo Whoo Whoop Whoop!!!! STEAM IT! :-) 

BITB Mix @ Radio Decibel Part 15 by brothersinthebooth

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