THIS MIX IS NOT AVAILABLE ON SOUNDCLOUD ANYMORE. If you want to receive a copy, please send an e-mail to info@bitb.nl and we will provide the mix by means of a downloadlink :-)


First of all we want to make our apologizes for the little delay. In a normal situation we would have posted 'Radio Decibel Mix Number 16' last weekend, but as you have all seen, we paid a lot of our energy into finishing our studio. With a subliminal result! And when talking about 'subliminal' we directly find the right connection to our fresh, downloadable mix. The mix that, as already shouted out on Facebook and Twitter, gave us the feeling of listening to a set of our hero Erick Morillo some years ago while compiling it. Not that we selected old tracks for this one, but it was just the vibe we felt that took us back to that fantastic moments in that club from 1973. Moments that will remain forever in our minds and that will (as proved in this specific case) pop-up when the right feeling is touched. A mix that makes the sun shine in your head and let the beat bump in your body. So....Dear Listeners....Are you ready for some HOT 'Brothers in the Booth' sound?? LET'S GO!!

We just can't get enough, as it's his sound that we love. Stefano Noferini, mentioned in a lot of our former mixes, is this week's starter as he let the 'Disco' take 'Revenge' in it's Original Version. A touch of history floating into Simon Tavazzi's 'Habanero' (from the CR2 Underground Vol. 6 album). Track number 3: It's time for the only agent who has the right to arrest you. With his sound of course! Agent Greg & Richard Grey find each other in a pumping remix of 'Body & Soul'. Do you already feel what we meant with 'A touch of Erick'?! You will FOR SURE after the next two tracks, as these 'BOMBS' take you to a higher level in house music.

And when Baggi Begovic & his 'MPL' touches your heart halfway our mix, you can prepare yourself for another rocking half hour with the following jewels: Insomnia vs Glimma (Faithless vs. Pryda), Get it On* (Joe T Vanelli vs. Ramon Tapia), Everybody's Free (DJ DLG vs. Rozalla), Believe (Ministers of Funk feat. Jocelyn Brown) and ending it all with 'Let me be your fantasy' in a special 'Iberican League Remix'. WOW!!

We guess we didn't say to much. This is the reason why we couldn't hide our enthusiasm when finishing this one 2 weeks ago. And therefor we are very happy to make this one enjoyable and downloadable for ALL OF YOU now!! Have a rocking hour, and another one, and another one, and.....YOU KNOW WHAT WE MEAN ;-) Whoop Whoop!

Note* 'Get it on' is the track that inspired Sunnery James & Ryan Marciano to fall in love with house music. When they heared this track in Ibiza (years ago) they both lost their heart immediately to it. And as you all might know, these guys are using the shout-out 'Get in onnnnn' now as their life sentence ;-))

 BITB Mix @ Radio Decibel Part 16 by brothersinthebooth

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