First of all we like to give our special thanks to Stay-C. The reason? Well, this morning @ The Gym he asked us for the next two online ‘Radio Decibel mixes’, as this seems to be his food for iron. And with his question he woke us up to do so! So, you better all give your thanks to him :-)

So, two new mixes with a selection of our favourite tracks with a VIBE! ‘Mix number 56’ is filled with jewelz caused by artists/remixers Alex Kenji, Matthias Tanzmann, Joris Voorn, Pirupa, Pleasurekraft & others.

‘Mix 57’ is carrying one of our ‘need to be played in our sets’ of this moment. ‘Oversexed’ by Format B. A track with a swing from here to Tokio ;-) And as we are still proud on our first one, LOVERDOSE, it’s also wrapped in this ‘Team of 12’! ENJOY!!

BITB Mix @ Radio Decibel Part 56 by brothersintheboothBITB Mix @ Radio Decibel Part 57 by brothersinthebooth

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