It’s Christmas time! Yes, it's all about the familiair songs on every radio-station you tune in to. Not that this is something ‘bad’, but we can imagine you like to listen to something else than Wham!, Mariah Carey, Chris Rea or Youp van ’t Hek (for the Dutch readers amongst us :-P)

And as you know 'Brothers in the Booth' always create a warm vibe with their weekly ‘Radio Decibel Dance Nights’ mixes, we are happy to bring you our ‘X-MAS PRESENT’ for this year: Two, new mixes (58 & 59) that will make your decorations shine even brighter, that will make your reindeer (in the window) run harder & that will not only make your nose turn red, as it will take control over your total body! :-)

We of course hope to rock with YOU during ‘Metz Christmas on the Beach’ on Saturday the 24th of December. But for those who have other obligations: HAVE A F*CKING FABULOUS AMAZING 'XXX TIME' TOGETHER! #BAM #2012 #herewecome


BITB Mix @ Radio Decibel Part 58 by brothersinthebooth

BITB Mix @ Radio Decibel Part 59 by brothersinthebooth

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