HERE IT IS!! Our selection of tracks that made you jump in an extreme way, that grabbed you by the throat in a massive way, that made your bum shake from left to right and that influenced the international clubscene in a fantastic way during the last 12 months! The ‘Brothers in the Booth’ YEARMIX 2011 is for ALL of YOU who want themselves (and their minds) to go back to that fantastic summer OR for those who are already longing for a long hot period in 2012. So indeed, FOR ALL OF YOU!

We like to thank all of the people who gave us massive compliments and, of course, also those who gave us feedback in a critical way. Because by combining these two ‘groups’ we climbed to where we are now within the dance-scene: Almost every weekend in the booth and weekly in the studio to play and create beats that will make you dance endlessly! THANKS FOR ALL THE SUPPORT, WE LOVE IT IN A BIG WAY!

Words done, so now time to ROCK!!! ENJOY THE ‘BROTHERS IN THE BOOTH YEARMIX 2011’!!! #BAM!!!

YEARMIX2011 by brothersinthebooth

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