What a highway and what a speed! The combination is perfect as our speedometer doesn't want to switch the arrow to the left as we keep on rocking every bone and muscle in our body. OK, we don't know where the energy is coming from, but we think it has to do a lot with a fresh mindset. Life is ment to be fun and joy. And when you are combining these things with a physical body that's supported by a massive condition the sum is complete. Interesting information? We don't think so ;-)

We guess you are all interested in our progression on 'The Musical Highway'. Well, AGAIN, we have a lot of nice things to mention. What about our first track already played hard in HAL4.1 and Panama* last weekend? And what about the making of our iPhone App? And our 'Ibiza Plans'? And our progression in 'The Studio'? And....OK, OK...Let's write it down again below!

With presenting a 'snippet' of our first studio-result we directly got the attention of you and a lot of colleagues in the scene. And when Jasper Clash heard this one last week (before it was put 'On Air' and 'On Line'), he only could say one thing: 'I HAVE to play this one in the clubs this weekend!!'. 'A man a man, a word a word'. Below the video shot during the 'Metz Friday Afternoon Drink' where Jasper Clash is dropping it & is walking the march like a train.

The coming weeks you will probably hear this one more often, as the track will be send this week to a lot of DJ's and artists (and yes there is a difference between these ones ;-)). And we are convinced you can't stand our beat, so just keep on dancing!!! :-)

h App Y!!
Mentioned a few times already, but now is the time to inform you with a possible launch date! And we think that's quite hot, as only a lot of international stars can say they have one. As we look at the realistic planning now, we expect 'Brothers in the Booth' to have a complete, flashy and personal 'iPhone App' by the end of March 2011. CRAZY!! Of course we will keep you all informed on the progression and you can expect some really fine screenshots in our blogs during the coming weeks....we are just H App Y!!!! ;-)

Will it be a residency? Will it be a poolparty? Will it be more? Will it be less?? A lot of things are happening at this moment, but we can't tell all details for now. We are however convinced that we will visit 'The Island of Love' more than once this summer....Stay tuned!! Whoop Whoop!

It's a match. We understand the sound, we understand the fun and we understand the steps we have to make to keep the tracks rolling. We don't like shelves, as they are only ment to put books on and therefor you can expect our second track SOON! Our 'Brothers ih Rhyme' Helguera & Dominicus have jumped on our flight and they really seem to like the view from above. With the 'Adele Bootleg' they did with us played for almost 700 times on Soundcloud now, they feel it has only just begun and we only can confirm this feeling. And as Ibiza is aleady slowly running through their veins, we decided last tuesday (8-2-2011) to start working on a 'A Day at the Pool 2011 Anthem' together with the boys from Soul Cartel. The first track we did together with 'SC' is called 'Ibiza Sunrise' and will be presented soon, supported by a rocking video! Just wait and see....It will be worth it!

We say goodbye for now, but will be back to inform you with a lot more on short notice!!! BAM! :-)

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