And it's OUT!!!! Our second one together with Helguera & Dominicus rolling out of the studio and making the feet dance on the floor and hands wave in the air. Inspired by Bertrand's (made of Plastic) rocking 70's hit 'Ca plane pour moi' while watching the 'Dutch TOP 2000' in december 2010. And from that moment on the catchy 'Oehoehoehoe' sound couldn't get out of our heads for a second.

Another big opportunity was given by Edwin Diergaarde to bring this one 'ON AIR' for a large number of listeners, last fridaynight, during 'Ministry of Beats'. Dancing in the studio and rocking to the vibe created by the rolling techy beat combined with a vocal that nails to the grey cells in your head!

A snippet of 'King of the Divan', as this track is called, can be heard below. Of course we are looking forward to your reactions (positive or negative ;-)))).

Brothers In The Booth, Helguera & Dominicus - King Of The Divan (Original Mix) SNIPPET by brothersinthebooth

The flow in this track gives us energy to go on with more.....MUCH MORE! And therefor we are slowly starting to call it a tradition to broadcast our new tracks at first on 'Radio Decibel'. And next week doesn't differ from that, as another rocking one will be presented 'ON AIR'. This time Helguera & Dominicus and Brothers in the Booth touched it a little harder with a track that could easily fit in a set of Steve Angello & Friends. Curious?? Just stay tuned and conclude we don't like to tell lies! ;-)

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