Generally blood is thicker than water. And so it’s in this specific case. We can hardly hide our enthusiasm in relation to our first track called ‘LOVERDOSE’. And because of that, we thought waiting till Friday the 14th of October is waiting too long for our tune.

We luckily bumped into ‘Thoom Media’ and with our input and wishes, they created the trailer below! Giving you already a piece of the energy, a snippet of the vibe & a touch of the power of our track. LOVERDOSE is going to fill dancefloors with hands up and we are looking so much forward to that!

This Friday we will, as mentioned, play the track LIVE for the first time on Dutch Radio during ‘Ministry of Beats’ and present it afterwards on our Soundcloud page…Have you ever been looking so much forward to the weekend?? #BAM #2011

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