A horse is a horse of course of course and no one can talk to a horse of course. We guess you all remember Mr. Ed's famous words. And to be honest, we think Ed was quite right. But we are more than convinced that you all can jump on a horse and ride it to the max. However to arrange this it's important to hold him before you can jump on his back. OK, listen well: Find a horse, held the horse, jump on the horse and...RIDE IT HARD!! On high speed!

This intro marks our third track in a row perfectly. Inspired by the 'oldskool house sound' we (Brothers in the Booth / Helguera & Dominicus) decided to combine it with 'a touch of techno' and the result is here. H.Y.H. (Hold Your Horses) was played friday night in a fully loaded 'Radio Decibel' Studio in Amsterdam. With the support of artists like DJ Raymundo, Jean Cedric (also known as 'Mr Zoo Project Ibiza), Philip Young, Gabriel & Castellon and last, but for sure not least, Miss T'Amore! Edwin Diergaarde (who is not directly involved in the 'Zoo Project' ;-PP) controlled the mic during this rocking edition of 'Ministry of Beats' and of course we want to give our special thanks again to Edwin for the opportunity to give a piece of his 'AIR SPACE' to us again! Below you will find our 'INSERT' (isn't it HOT this time??) and the SNIPPET! Enjoy it pumping through your speakers and just keep in mind this is just the beginning. Our in horse-race-terms: THE START! ;-))

H.Y.H. (Original Mix) - Brothers in the Booth, Helguera & Dominicus (SNIPPET) by brothersinthebooth

3 weeks ago we put our first and official track online on our Soundcloud and after three weeks we can say we are proud it's played for over 1.000 (!) times already! And next to this, the track is receiving more and more support, national and international. What to think about Abel Ramos dropping our track in his latest podcast ('With Love Music Radioshow 019')? Just listen to the 'Soundcloud' item below! :-)

Rolling in the Deep Bootleg played @ Abel Ramos Podcast by brothersinthebooth

And what about support from Australia, Germany & Serbia? And within our own borders the track is supported by Jasper Clash, Brian Chundro & Santos, Steven Quarre, Baggi Begovic and many others.

Thank you all for the support, we are more than happy with that! BAM!! :-)

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