Like a train keeps running, like a ‘Formula One’ car keeps racing, like a rockstar keeps rocking and like the sun keeps shining! ‘Brothers in the Booth’ are running through the dance scene with a fresh ‘attitude’ that’s getting the attention more and more of everbody interested in it. As we all know, a lot of DJ’s and artists try to make the world much nicer than it will ever be for themselves and for others and as we don’t have anything to do with this way of ‘telling lies’, we only want to present you the truth!

The truth by means of weekly updates, catchy newsflashes, new/ongoing productions and of course results of our collaps! And when talking about collabs and productions, we are really proud to inform you all that our track we did together with the guys from ‘Soul Cartel’ is now online and is supported directly with a MASSIVE video of among 4 and a half minutes. ‘IBIZA SUNRISE’ expresses ‘Feeling of Summer’ in the ultimate way and with the moving images going along with it, we think we have created another ultimate, Ibiza-related Vid!

Of course we want to thank David & Nicolas for their inspiration and, as you all might understand, want to give our special thanks to our own personal ‘Video Bear’ from AJG Filmproductions! If someone knows what he is doing when talking about video-editing in the ultimate way, it’s Papi for sure! #ONE LOVE!!

With this track pumping through your sound system and with the moving images on your screen, you can start your working week fresh. The counting down to ‘Ibiza Summer 2011’ has officially started today! And with our heavenly sound and both feet on the ground, we will be bringing you so much more real stuff in the near future. LET THE SUN SHINE, LET THE SUN RISE! :-)

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TAGS: AJG Filmproductions, Ibiza Sunrise, Soul Cartel

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