And another blog in here! The third one this week, but if there’s a reason for it, we grab it with both hands on our data-entry keyboard. While the national clubscene was filled with a lot of parties during the end of March, the international dancescene was of course fully focussed on one place: Miami!

The ‘Winter Music Conference’ was split up, but the real big things were still happening during the end of the month. And when everybody had left the ‘building’ called WMC, Miami was, by means of a radioshow, treated with a guestmix of us!! Just click the Soundcloud link below and hear our names ‘Rolling On Air’ as we are granted a BIG SHOUT OUT for our very special guestmix! #bitbwmcbaby

'Brothers in the Booth' - Radio Mix during WMC2011! by brothersinthebooth

And as the radioshow went on and on, we were again mentioned during the introduction of Paul Alexander’s track called ‘Muneca’! A techy one we are already supporting on forehand! It takes you by the hand and with the summer vocal over it, the sun will never disappear again! On the 14th of April 2011 this track will be released and, as said, the 'European Support' is granted by ‘Brothers in the Booth’! #gopaulgo

Brothers in the Booth' supports 'Paul Alexander by brothersinthebooth

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