WOW, WE JUST WENT OH! Another one for the books, another night to remember, another gig we could only dream of on forehand. The last Queensnight ever turned out to be a very special one for us. A dreamgig at The Sand (Amsterdam) in an international atmosphere. King Erick Morillo returned to bring his Dutch fans his feeling of house. And we, as Brothers in the Booth, had the massive honour to heat up to crowd for him!

Starting at midnight we took over the decks from Michael Mendoza and we directly grabbed the crowd by it’s feet; Dance people dance! 1,5 hour later we came to the end of what we called a ‘get you totally in the good mood’ set. And the proof is in the video below (thanks Ray for capturing this piece of history!)

They try to take it from us
But we're never gonna give it away
They try to take it from us
But we're never gonna give it away
We just go oh!

And nobody is indeed ever gonna take this amazing night away from us! Thank you all for the love, the energy, the pleasure and the vibe. This was house, as house is a feeling!

LOVE – X -

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