Rocking in the Booth and Rolling in the Studio. On the move with ‘Brothers in the Booth’ is always fresh and creative. Bringing you the sound on a dinner-tray and showing you the energy we have in our bodies! And as this weekend is ‘gig-less’ we are happy to provide you all with another SNIPPET of a track that’s the result of the ‘mind and fingers’ of ‘Helguera & Dominicus’ and us. ‘CASHEWNUT’ takes you to the dancefloor while it doesn’t cost you a thing! OK, OK, it’s appealing for your energy as we are convinced you (and especially the ladies) just can’t lean against the wall or pay a visit to the toilet during this track. Soooo....Get ready for some ‘J-Lo Influence’ as ‘Cashewnut’ grooves you through the night in a techy way! ;-)

Cashewnut (Original Mix) - Brothers in the Booth, Helguera & Dominicus (SNIPPET) by brothersinthebooth

A great moment! Coming together in the ‘Creative Factory’ on Thursday the 12th of May. Leroy Styles giving us his friendly permission to make use of his vocal booth. A vocal booth that was necessary to record the vocals of the new track we are doing together with Stay-C! Yes, a lot of you will remember him (his name) as he has travelled the world with Nance as ‘Twenty4Seven’! And we are proud, No, we are MORE THAN PROUD to have his voice on our first official ‘Vocal-track. And again ‘Helguera & Dominicus’ are of BIG value in this colab!

POSITIVITY TOGETHER....Because we are teaming it up!

Did we made you curious?? GOOD!! The track will be finished during the coming 2 weeks and can be first heard during our performance @ MUST (White Edition). This sold-out event will take place on Friday the 27th of May and as we will play a set of 1,5 hours, Stay-C will do his vocals LIVE during this set….Did we say ‘Excited’?? We meant to say: OVEREXCITEDDDDDDD!!!! Get ready, because ‘POSITIVITY’ is gonna take over YOU!!! #summer #2011

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